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Watermark Lake and Pond Solutions provides management diagnostics and services for every aspect of your lake or pond. These services include managing the fish, vegetation, water quality, and watershed.

Fishery Management

We understand that people have a wide range of different goals when it comes to fishing in their ponds. We are here to work with you and help you achieve your specific goals. 

We start with a site visit, which includes an evaluation of water quality, underwater habitat, the fish themselves, the watershed, and of course talking about your vision for the pond. After we analyze this information, we will prepare a detailed management report with a summary of our findings and recommended management actions. We also design and stock new ponds to set them up for success.


Our management services include electrofishing surveys, stocking habitat enhancements, harvest recommendations, harvesting fish, feeder installation, aeration and fountain installation, vegetation management, lake mapping, fertilizing, liming, and more.


The first step in effectively managing the fish in a lake or pond is properly evaluating where it is currently at. An electrofishing survey (often referred to as "pond shocking") is often the most effective way to do this. Electrofishing utilizes a specialized boat to place an electrical current into the water and temporarily stun the fish which are then scooped up with a dip net. This allows us to collect any necessary data and remove any undesirable fish (all other fish are safely put back into the water).

This, combined with a few other things including a water quality analysis, vegetation survey, and habitat maps, allows us to develop a management plan that is tailored to your vision for your pond or lake. 


Aquatic Vegetation

Unwanted aquatic vegetation can be unsightly, prevent full use of a body of water, and can lead to water quality and fishery issues. If you have an aquatic vegetation issue, whether it be algae, cattails, or anything else, we can help solve those problems. Our team will properly identify the vegetation of interest and then work with you to develop and execute a plan that fixes the issue, whether that be chemical, mechanical, or biological control. 


WLPS Services

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