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About Watermark Lake and Pond Solutions

Watermark Lake and Pond Solutions was established with the goal of providing premier private pond and lake management services in the state of Kentucky and surrounding areas. Simply put, we help people turn their ponds in lakes into high quality environments for growing and catching fish. We promise to assist you in reaching your goals while operating by our core values of doing the right thing so that we might honor God, remaining humble, being dedicated to excellence in whatever task we work on and doing what we do for what others get out of it. Our intention is that our company brings joy to the lives of its employees, customers, and all those who are impacted by it.

About the Owner


From a very early age, Andrew Porterfield loved the outdoors, especially anything related to fish. His passion for the outdoors led him to earn a Bachelor’s degree in Fisheries Biology at Murray State University and then his Master’s degree in Fisheries Science at Arkansas Tech University.

While earning his Master’s degree, Andrew served as a team leader on a project evaluating Arkansas’ state efforts to stock crappie in some of its smaller reservoirs. It was during this project that Andrew gained valuable experience in the field and lab, including the management of several small reservoirs. After finishing his classwork in 2017, Andrew worked with the state of Kentucky on a team devoted to dealing with the issue of Asian carp in Western Kentucky. Along the way, he discovered his passion for managing small reservoirs, which led him to found Watermark Lake and Pond Solutions.

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